Workers in the public sector are benefitting from a tailored income protection package that not only bridges the financial gap caused by being off sick, but also includes a recovery plan and training.

Our partner VitalityLife has launched the scheme for public sector teachers, NHS staff such as doctors, nurses, surgeons and administrators, council workers and civil servants. Income Protection for Public Sector Employees offers a preferential rate for those working in the sector, with benefits designed to align with existing deferment periods and to match employer sick pay schemes. 

Income protection insurance helps you manage financially when you’re ill or have an accident and are unable to work. You may be fortunate enough to have a sick pay scheme at your place of work, but people often find that, when they need it, the amount they receive doesn’t cover their bills or stretch to the mortgage or rent. VitalityLife’s scheme not only enables you to maintain your current lifestyle, but also offers benefits including:

  • Hospitalisation pay
  • Mental health support
  • Rewards for being healthy
  • Help getting back to work

Income protection for public sector workers

VitalityLife’s public sector sick pay policy works in tandem with your workplace benefits, meaning they will not be deducted from the sum paid out to you. The five-star income protection cover comes with an earnings guarantee, with no requirement to verify your income for up to a maximum of £1,500 per month. Public sector workers who take out the cover also have the flexibility to guarantee a higher amount by verifying income at any time within the policy’s first six months.

Income protection when you’re in hospital

Should you need to stay in hospital as a result of your injury or illness, VitalityLife’s comprehensive income protection cover includes a payment of £100 per day after six consecutive days. This can be claimed multiple times up to a cap of 90 days in total.

Recovery benefit

With VitalityLife’s comprehensive income protection plan, the recovery benefit element gives up to £2,000 of specialist care and support to get you back on your feet and back to work, while public sector workers with a short term and primary cover plan receive support worth £1,000. The benefit enables policyholders to access things like specialist treatments, counsellors, support groups and training courses.

Depending on the level of cover you take out, the scheme includes a Healthy Living Programme, helping customers to become healthier as well as looking after wellbeing, with tips on rest and relaxation. We all know that mental health issues, including mental health at work, are on the increase in the UK, with millions of working days lost each year to stress, depression and anxiety. 

Public sector workers making a claim as a result of a mental health issue can access the Big White Wall, an online, anonymous forum. People experiencing emotional difficulties can reach out and receive support from peers, as well as qualified ‘wall guides’, while the forum also provides avenues for creative outlets and courses for awareness and management of a wide range of issues.

Returning to work after illness or an accident

Income Protection for Public Sector Employees pays an income until the policyholder is ready to return to the job that they previously held, or until they match their previous earnings. What’s more, a Back to Work benefit is paid for two months following your return to work, while you find your feet and settle in again.

ActiveQuote product development manager James Howell said: “Vitality’s recent enhancement will make offering public sector workers income protection easier and more affordable.”

At ActiveQuote, we know that no two people have the same needs when it comes to finding the right income protection. Our jobs, lifestyles and financial commitments are all unique, which is why we work with a number of partners to make sure our customers have the right cover, at the right time, for their own situation. Take a look at our income protection comparison page or speak to our advisors on 0800 862 0390 to see how we can help.


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