Critical illnesses and death - two of the subjects us Brits are not very good at talking about. Those diagnosed or bereaved can quickly be plunged into the new territory of unfamiliar medical terms and strange faces, at exactly the time we most need comfort.

But did you know that specialist nurses are at hand to give you and your family emotional and practical support? RedArc is an invaluable service available to ActiveQuote customers with a Scottish Widows Protect policy. This is one of our life insurance and critical illness cover policies, designed to give security and stability when you need it most, such as when a loved one passes away or you’re diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness.

RedArc has been helping people with critical medical conditions and their families for more than 20 years. Its personal nurse advisors are caring and highly experienced registered nurses who support patients and families going through bereavement, serious illness, mental health issues, elderly care and much more.

The RedArc cover also gives you access to a second medical opinion. You can chat with your nurse advisor about whether this is an option for you and arrange a face-to-face consultation with a specialist consultant. Other benefits include therapy such as counselling, complementary or occupational therapy, while the same nurse adviser will be with you throughout your journey.

RedArc works in partnership with Healix Health Services, giving you access to a database of thousands of consultants in specialities including cardiology, mental health, oncology and many more. Care services are included with all Scottish Widows Protect policies at no added cost. The services can be used by you and your immediate family from the day the plan starts and you don’t have to make a claim to use them.

In addition, a Scottish Widows Protect policy gives you invaluable financial peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about the bills if the worst happens. Critical illness cover pays a lump sum that gives breathing space while you focus on your treatment, while life insurance gives your family a financial cushion to meet funeral expenses or perhaps take much-needed time off work.

ActiveQuote product development manager James Howell said:“RedArc offers fantastic support to customers, including a range of services to help ease difficult times for individuals and their families. Particularly lovely is the RedArc nurses element, as they offer guidance and a sympathetic ear for customers going through medical challenges and add a human touch to often unfamiliar and traumatic circumstances.”


To find out more about Scottish Widows’ Protect policy or other life insurance and critical illness cover policies that might best suit your needs, speak to our expert advisors on 0800 862 0373.