is committed to getting behind Mental Health Awareness Month as a company, and we feel passionately that supporting our colleagues all year round is essential. That's why we continue to invest in our mental health first aiders, to ensure there is also confidential and free access to support whenever it’s needed.

We all know it’s good to talk, and ActiveQuote staff are able to do just that after two members of the team trained to become mental health first aiders at work.

QA and complaints manager Cheyenne Morris and reconciliation officer Janine Baker have already undertaken the two-day course and we are now aiming to enlist a third. Since January, Cheyenne has used her expertise to help three staff members going through tough times, while Janine has worked with four colleagues - all in full confidence and without judgement.

Cheyenne and Janine hold adult mental health first aid certificates awarded by Training In Mind, which are valid for three years. Last year, our partner Unum revealed that young male workers are less likely to seek mental health support yet help is available, with more than eight in 10 health insurance policies now including mental health cover.

The course covers topics such as ‘What is depression?’ and the stigma and discrimination around mental health. It also examines the impact of alcohol and drugs on mental health and looks at mental health in the workplace. First aiders are also trained in issues around selfcare, treatment and resources, as well as learning about difficult topics such as self-harm and suicide.

Sales Support Manager Tracy Carwardine said: “We are marking Mental Health Awareness Month with an in-house campaign to inform staff about the help available to them. A small group also recently ran in the Race for Victory 5K in Cardiff, in aid of charity Mind Cymru. All money raised from the run will be donated to Mind to help support the great cause they champion.”

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression affect one in four of us, with people from all backgrounds and ways of life experiencing symptoms. Mental Health Awareness Month takes place each May to provide advice and support for people in need and to highlight ways to help if you spot the signs of anxiety or depression in someone you love.

Our guide to improving your mental health will help you make happiness a top priority, while you can also follow our 10 small steps to boost wellbeing