Where’s your happy place? Our colleagues have been sharing theirs and, after weeks of summer sunshine, it’s no surprise that most of us are at our smiliest in the Great Outdoors! 

Throughout August, we’re focusing on employee wellbeing, and it’s evident that being outside is how many of us give our mental health a boost. From summiting mountains to playing in the woods, our team certainly recognises the benefits of spending time in nature - usually with our families in tow! 

We’ve been asking staff to take photos showcasing their happy places and create a print-out with a few words explaining what the location means to them. They can then add their document to special ‘My Happy Place’ boards in the chill-out zones in our Cardiff Bay HQ.

For one colleague, it’s climbing beautiful peaks in Wales and beyond. “The best view comes after the hardest climb!” she said. Another loves spending time in woodlands with her boys, glamping and enjoying the tranquillity, while for some, the happiest place is ‘anywhere with family”. And for some of us, things are better ‘in’ than out, with one member of staff at her most joyful watching live bands in venues across the UK.

Sales support manager Tracy Carwardine said: “We all have our bad days and so we wanted to do something to get staff thinking about what makes them happy. It could be a favourite holiday destination that has stolen their heart or a family pet.

“Perhaps seeing an elderly couple holding hands and symbolising everlasting love fills them with joy. Whatever the reason, we want to know! We’ve loved seeing the boards fill up as the month goes on and understanding what makes our fellow workers tick.

Where’s your happy place? Follow us on Twitter and let us know - we’d love to hear from you!