You might not think that retail discounts, debt advice or Amazon Prime have much to do with health insurance but, as a matter of fact, they do! If, earlier this year, you enjoyed our article on the 12 surprising things you didn’t know are covered by health insurance, the good news is - there are more!

Whilst private medical insurance can take away a long wait to be seen by a specialist and ensure you receive treatment in the hospital of your choice if you become ill or have an accident, it often comes with many other perks designed to help you lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Read on!

  1. Amazon Prime

Our insurance partner Vitality rewards customers for being healthy and tracking daily activity, enabling them to benefit without even having to make a claim. One such reward is Amazon Prime membership, which not only gives fast delivery on millions of items but allows members to send, stream, shop and read!

  1. Discounted health screening

Health screening is an effective way of keeping track of your personal health, often picking up potential issues before you’re aware of symptoms. Some employers ask for annual health screenings to check your general fitness. Some policies offer discounts for you to access this service and can give you peace of mind you’re in tip-top condition!

  1. Cash back

We all know healthcare can seem a stretch when household budgets are tight, and the cost of looking after yourself can really add up. Some of our partners, such as Your Choice, offer a cash benefits option to help alleviate the cost of everyday expenses, giving cash back to help pay towards things such as dental and optical treatment and health screenings. Depending on the level of cover you choose, you could receive up to £200 per benefit per person named on the policy!

  1. Convalescent benefits

An operation or procedure can knock you off your feet, but can you afford the time to recover fully afterwards? Some health insurance policies ensure you can do just that, giving you a daily allowance for up to 14 days to recuperate after being admitted to hospital under the direction of a consultant or specialist.

  1. Speech therapy

An illness or its treatment can often cause distressing side effects, such as loss or partial loss of speech. Ensuring your policy includes a therapy and care option will allow you to see the right therapist, such as a speech and language specialist, to help you regain your voice as well as your health.

  1. Retail rewards

Some health insurance packages include discounts from some of the UK’s biggest High Street brands, as well as in health and wellbeing, travel and leisure. So you get to look after your health and your bank balance - perfect!

  1. Wellbeing support

As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly aware that ‘health’ is as much about our mental wellness as physical fitness - and that if worries are weighing us down, our health suffers. Some health insurers offer value-added services, such as the Exeter Assist plan from The Exeter, which offers confidential support and guidance on a range of issues, from relationship worries to debt concerns.

Health insurance policies can differ greatly, with a range of benefits and cover, so make sure you always read your policy documents carefully to understand what you’re getting. Comparing health insurance quotes with ActiveQuote allows you to see not only the price but the product features of each policy too.