If finding the right dental cover is like, well, pulling teeth, it’s time to ‘brace’ yourself - we can help! To mark National Toothache Day, we’re reminding existing and potential policyholders to review their dental plan, with cover available for as little as £14* a month.

Toothache doesn’t have to be a pain, financially at least. If you already have cover, you’ll know the ‘drill’ - carrying out a quick annual ‘check-up’ can help make sure you’re not paying more than you need to. And if you don’t already have the right cover in place, ‘wisedom’ might suggest that National Toothache Day is the perfect time to compare quotes!

Dental insurance is becoming increasingly relevant in the current climate and the good news is it’s becoming more accessible than ever too, with dental cover now included in many health insurance policies.

ActiveQuote private medical insurance team leader Mark Todd says: “National Toothache Day might sound like a bit of fun but the issues it stands to represent are potentially very serious. Inadequate dental care and the health problems associated with it can often prove extremely costly, depending on the treatment required.

“Imagine suffering extreme toothache or, worse, something like an abscess, which can lead to serious health complications if not treated promptly - and not having the cash available to treat it straight away? Dental cover comes with the peace of mind that, should treatment runs to hundreds or, in more serious cases, thousands of pounds, at least the pain of having to pay for it is removed.

“We can’t stress enough, as one of the UK’s leading online health insurance comparison services, how important but also how accessible both dental and optical cover are in a world where healthcare provision in general is becoming increasingly stretched. National Toothache Day is a gentle alarm for everyone that prevention is better than cure, and also that covering you and your loved ones in the event any significant dental issues should arise is often far less painful in the long run.”

*Based on an ActiveQuote quote conducted in January 2018 for a south Wales-based family of four. Aviva offered family dental cover for £13.68 per month, as a percentage of the whole price of the health insurance quote.