Bupa UK has launched a new campaign focusing on mental health and challenging perceptions of what’s considered ‘normal’. Our partner is aiming to take the stigma away from seeking support for mental health issues with its ‘Is it normal?’ advert while enabling people to get the most out of everyday life.

By highlighting that there are more than ‘seven billion versions of normal’ in the world, Bupa wants to tackle some of the unnecessary notions around mental health. The advert is part of the health insurer’s ‘For Living’ brand, which focuses on helping customers manage their lives well.

Bupa was founded in 1947 - the same year as the NHS - and has been committed to preventing, relieving and curing ‘sickness and ill-health of every kind’ for more than 70 years. Recognising that emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health, and with one in four people experiencing poor mental health each year, Bupa provides extensive mental health and wellbeing support to its customers, staff and the wider community. 

As a result, the organisation has also launched a new online mental health hub. Accessible to everyone, the hub is a source of information, guidance and practical tips to help people improve their own mental health and support others. It also signposts visitors to other resources developed by mental health charities, including Mind and Samaritans. 

Bupa UK CEO Alex Perry said: “In this campaign, we want to illustrate the many states of mental health, as well as the diverse range of people it affects. Many people will find their mental health challenged at some point in their lives and the new TV advert shows how this can feel. We know raising awareness is vital and we also want to encourage people to take the appropriate action to get the support they need, whatever’s on their mind.”

Bupa’s advert shows people of a range of ages and backgrounds in a number of everyday situations, illustrating that anxiety, stress and depression can happen to anyone, at any time. Alex added: “Through our work, we want to not just talk openly about mental health, we also want to help people get the support they need when they need it. One of the biggest issues in mental health is people not getting help early enough, and we’re continually looking at ways we can advance our support.”

Bupa UK’s mental health services now include cover for a greater range of conditions, ongoing support for longer-term conditions and further support to families who are worried about their child’s mental wellbeing through the Family Mental HealthLine. Fast access to support is also available through Bupa’s Mental Health Direct Access service, which allows insurance customers to speak to a specialist without needing a GP referral, while, for those wishing to speak to a GP, video appointments are available via the new Digital GP app - usually within two hours.

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