A health app offering mental wellbeing support, a 24/7 GP helpline and online fitness has been launched by our partner AIG, to help families get the right medical support when they need it.

The way we manage our healthcare is changing, with 9 to 5 appointments no longer suiting many busy, digital-savvy families. As a result, AIG has released Smart Health, which is available to customers and their immediate family members up to the age of 21, simply by using their smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

The virtual service has been added to all of AIG’s individual and group protection insurance offerings to celebrate the insurers’ 100th birthday this year. More than one million existing customers will benefit, as well as new customers. All AIG Life employees have also been given access to Smart Health, which is available via iOS and Android.

The app allows customers to manage general non-critical physical and mental health needs and is provided by Teladoc, which already provides the Best Doctors second opinion service to AIG’s individual customers. In addition to Best Doctors, Smart Health’s features are; 24/7 access to a GP, mental health support, a health check function, nutrition consultation and an online fitness programme. 

AIG Life marketing director Sue Helmont said: “As AIG celebrates its 100th birthday, we wanted to ‘pay it forward’ to the one million people we already look after, as well as new customers, so everybody has an opportunity to easily manage their health and wellbeing and live a long and healthy life.

“Our unlimited access to Smart Health is for everyone, no matter when they became insured by us or through which distribution channel it was bought. And because we believe in investing in our own team, we’ve given all AIG Life employees access to the service too.” 

Thanks to the online tool, when you or a family member need to speak to a doctor, you can get a 30-minute health appointment, on the phone or via video call, at a time to suit you - wherever you are in the world. Customers simply book through the app to access advice, prescriptions and even a referral to a specialist. 

The Best Doctors feature gives you and your family access to a network of 50,000 medical experts, which can be reassuring if you need a second medical opinion or are struggling to get a diagnosis, while a dedicated team of mental health support staff is on hand to help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression or bereavement.

The app’s health check questionnaire enables customers to take proactive steps to manage their health and lifestyle, as well as discovering more about their cardiovascular health and any appropriate screenings they may benefit from. Customers also get a personalised report containing health and nutrition tips.

A nutrition consultation can take place online or over the phone, with advice on weight loss, food intolerance and pregnancy. You’ll even get a personal programme of meal plans and weekly menus! Finally, Smart Health’s tailored four or eight-week fitness programme, designed by sports coaches and nutrition experts, helps customers achieve targets through exercise and diet, train for an event and lose weight. 

For business owners, Smart Health can be a valuable part of your company health insurance scheme. Offering staff health benefits, as well as products such as life insurance, can help you attract and retain the right workforce, boosting employee happiness and increasing productivity. 

To find out more about Smart Health or other health insurance options to suit your lifestyle, speak to our expert advisors on 0800 862 0373 or try our online health comparison tool.

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