ActiveQuote, the online comparison service for private health insurance, has seen sales for its panel member Vitality jump by a massive 211% in the six months up to November.

Vitality is just one of nine private medical insurance panel members that ActiveQuote compares for its customers, and it has experienced a bumper end to 2020.

Vitality has also increased its panel share of sales with ActiveQuote increase by 73% in the past six months, with more than £100,000 of premiums sold in November alone.

Rod Jones, Head of Partnerships at ActiveQuote, said of the increase: “Vitality has performed amazingly well in the last six months of 2020 – one of the most challenging years we have worked through as a business.

“It is clear that the products, prices and service they offer ActiveQuote’s customers are working, as they have steamed ahead with sales in recent months, which is great news not only for us and them as a business, but also for our customers who are obviously getting the products they require for their needs.”

Vitality’s Specialist Health Director Athos Rushovich said: “We’ve always had a fabulous relationship with ActiveQuote and it is really impressive to see how ActiveQuote have worked through this entire Covid period, how you’ve continued to drive new business and also maintain existing business with no escalation in lapses.

ActiveQuote are truly at the leading edge of the industry which is illustrated with the thought leadership articles that appear in industry and consumer press, which are always data led, always intelligent observations and always data led while looking at new ways to grow our sector.

We are looking forward to building on our successful relationship and are extremely happy to break the £100k mark in September and November, thank you to all at ActiveQuote and we look forward to building with you a very bright future”

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