We’ve never been more delighted to say we’re ‘scaling’ back at ActiveQuote, having lost a member of our team - in weight, at least!

Back in January, we launched our ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge, with staff signing up to see how many pounds they could shed in 12 weeks. And we’re proud to reveal that, collectively, we’ve lost a whopping 12st 10lbs - the equivalent of a whole person!

Everyone taking part was asked to pay a registration fee and a regular weigh-in fee, with extra charges if weight was gained! All participants thought it a fair way of achieving their weight loss goals and becoming a little bit healthier. As part of our ongoing wellbeing programme, we encouraged all ‘losers’ and supported them through their journeys.

At the final weigh-in, trainer Chris Hill was crowned our jubilant winner, having lost 2st 5lbs - an incredible 15.4% of his body weight! Our marvellous runners-up were:

2nd: Ashleigh Jones (10.3%)

3rd: Sarah Phillips (9.9%)

4th: Rob Kitching, who lost an amazing 7.5% of his body weight and still managed to donate bone marrow last month!

5th: Daniel Hurcombe (6.5%)

In total, we raised £363, with half being awarded to Chris and half donated to our April nominated cause, National Pet Month. After some research, we agreed that Arc Anna’s Rescue Centre for Cats and Newport Dogs’ Home would be the perfect fit and, with the money raised, we have been able to buy some much-needed items for these two worthy shelters, which we will be delivering in the coming weeks.

Sales support manager Tracy Carwardine said: “Congratulations Chris! Chris lost an incredible 2st 5lbs by making small changes, such as walking to work and cutting back on treats in the week. I’m sure Chris is going to buy some new clothes with his winnings! Thank you again to everyone who took part and helped to raise £181.50 for our April cause.”