Our team is never one to go into its shell when it comes to joining a good cause, and we’re onto a ‘shore’ thing with our latest campaign! Throughout June, we’re celebrating the world’s oceans and encouraging staff to make small changes to protect our environment and think about its future.

Saturday was World Oceans Day, an annual event to honour and safeguard our seas. Healthy oceans are critical to our survival, generating most of the oxygen we breathe and regulating our climate. As well as encouraging staff to think about what the ocean means to them and how we can all play a part in conserving it, we’re joining forces with Cardiff Rivers Group later in the month to help make a difference to the rivers and waterways that feed into the sea.

Sales support manager Tracy Carwardine said: “Our team at ActiveQuote will be doing our bit throughout the month to support World Oceans Day, which officially fell on June 8. On Saturday, June 29, we’re taking part in the Splott beach clean-up, a local event that has been arranged by Cardiff Rivers Group.

“This is an opportunity to give a little back to the community by volunteering a few hours of our time to help clean up a local river, which in turn feeds into the sea. In addition, we’re also highlighting the ways we can help the environment at our Cardiff Bay HQ, starting with recycling and turning off lights when we leave a room. We won’t singlehandedly save the planet with these little gestures, but every little helps!”

The Splott beach clean-up, organised with Keep Splott Tidy, takes place between 9.45am and midday, with details here. To find out more about World Oceans Day and how taking small steps in your community can help, visit the website.