The Welsh Blood Service has visited a new location at Cardiff’s Global Reach, thanks to the hard work of our big-hearted colleagues.

The striking WBS trailer set up a clinic at our business premises earlier this month, following a request from staff eager to give blood. Nearly 100 colleagues from ActiveQuote and neighbouring businesses visited the trailer, resulting in nearly 80 donations - including 35 from fantastic first-time donors.

We’ve been keen to support the WBS since ActiveQuote employee Robert Kitching was matched as a bone marrow donor last year, potentially saving a life. As a result, Global Reach was proud to host the session in the car park, with everyone involved delighted it proved such a resounding success.

WBS spokesman Simon Campbell-Davies said: “It was the first time our trailer visited Global Reach following a request from staff. It was clear it was a good location to host a donation clinic and it was particularly busy for a first session; sometimes they can take a little while to get going, but we were very happy with the donations on the day.

“In total, 77 people donated and, of those, 35 were first-time donors. In addition, seven people signed up to the bone marrow registry, which is an international database of 35m people worldwide. To register, you need to be between 17 and 35 and already eligible to give blood, and you need to give an additional blood sample. There are lots of people on the registry in Wales, which is amazing as a bone marrow donation is literally the patient’s last chance.

“We would like to thank Global Reach for establishing a clinic and look forward to visiting again!”

ActiveQuote sales support manager Tracy Carwardine said: “It was such a great sight to see the Welsh Blood Service unit in the Global Reach car park. It took a while to arrange but, having witnessed the way they work, I can honestly say it was worth it.

“Employees from surrounding businesses joined ActiveQuote staff to donate much-needed blood of all types, and for that we thank everyone. We hope this event will result in the WBS making Global Reach a regular venue.”

To find out more about giving blood or joining the bone marrow registry, visit the Welsh Blood Service. If you’re unable to donate, you can still share the word on Twitter and Facebook.