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Child Health Insurance

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What is Child Health Insurance?

It is natural as a parent to worry about the health of our children. Child health insurance helps bring peace of mind when it comes to our children’s health by covering them for a range of medical treatments in a variety of circumstances.

From typical childhood ailments to more complicated health issues less expected of the young, when it comes to protecting the ones you love, children’s health insurance puts you in a position to take action as a parent when you need to the most.

Health insurance for children covers children under the age of 18 only for a range of medical treatment. Depending on the level of cover involved, child health insurance can help you get the treatment your child requires more quickly, and in a healthcare environment more suited to you and your family’s needs.

What are the benefits of health insurance for children?

Child health insurance gives your children prompt access to treatment for a wide range of conditions, depending on the level of cover in place. Health insurance for children is also often more affordable than many people think. Specific benefits can include:

  • Bypassing NHS queues for prompt diagnosis and treatment.
  • Treatment at a local private hospital of your choice.
  • Treatment at a time convenient to you, allowing you to work around school hours.
  • Guarantee of a private room, usually with ensuite facilities, a television and a phone to ensure your child is comfortable.
  • Unrestricted visiting hours so your family can visit at a convenient time.
  • Access to new drugs not available on the NHS, subject to policy.

Save money on your Child Health Insurance

What should I look for in Child Health Insurance quotes?

As well as whether the policy is affordable, there are many other things to look for when you compare child health insurance quotes online.

Level of cover

When buying a child medical insurance policy you need to choose your level of cover. For cheap child health insurance look for a budget policy- this will only provide the most basic cover for your child. Mid-range policies cover full inpatient and day patient treatment, but are still affordable for many people. Comprehensive child medical insurance is the most expensive and offers the highest level of cover.

Type of underwriting

The three types of underwriting you can choose from when buying a child health insurance policy are Moratorium, Full Medical Underwriting and Switch.

  • With Moratorium, your child will not be covered for illnesses they have suffered in the past five years, but will be covered after two years symptom free on the policy. You will not need to disclose your medical history.
  • With Full Medical underwriting you provide your full medical history on application and the insurance company may exclude cover for pre-existing conditions. You will always be told what is excluded before buying a policy.
  • A Switch or CPME (Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions) will allow you to switch from an existing policy to a new one without losing cover. ActiveQuote is the only comparison site able to quote Switch policies.

Discount schemes

Although you can’t put a price on your health, for many families money is tight. There are discount schemes available for child health insurance which will make your child health cover affordable whilst still giving you peace of mind. These include:

  • Increasing your excess on your child health insurance policy
  • Co-payments
  • A six week wait option
  • Reduced hospital cover

What will Child Health Insurance cover?

There are certain medical conditions that child health insurance will not cover, even if you have a comprehensive policy. This includes voluntary treatment like plastic surgery.

If there is a medical condition that you particularly want your child to be covered for, take a look at our free medical database which will allow you to search through different conditions. The database provides handy tips on what to look for in a child health insurance policy.

When you compare child health insurance quotes online with ActiveQuote you will be shown all the different conditions covered by each policy to help you make an informed choice.

Why compare Child Medical Insurance with ActiveQuote?

There are many advantages to comparing UK child health insurance quotes with ActiveQuote. ActiveQuote is the only true price comparison website for health insurance in the UK, so we can quote you low cost policies to help you find cheap cover.

Benefits of our quote and compare service include:

  • Tailoring your child medical insurance quotes with instant changes to the price. You can change all modules, options, hospital list and excess.
  • You can choose a policy and buy it instantly online.
  • Your data will be secure in our state-of-the-art security software. Unlike other online medical insurances websites we will not sell on your details to any third parties.
  • You can change policy without losing cover with switch underwriting.

What if I want to speak to someone in person?

ActiveQuote is a specialist personal medical insurance broker with over 40 years’ experience in the health insurance market. We are fully authorised and regulated by the FSA and take an ethical approach to the selling of child health insurance. Here are just a few advantages of using ActiveQuote as a broker:

  • Our advisors can search the market for quotes from all leading UK child health insurance providers for you so you don’t have to spend your time doing so.
  • Sometimes child medical insurance policies are hard to choose between. Our free, personal advice comes with no obligations.
  • We maintain direct relationships with our child health cover companies to guarantee that we are the first to hear about changes, new products and special offers.
  • We will automatically renew your cover every year and contact you if there is a better child medical cover policy on the market.
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