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Zurich Life Protection | ActiveQuote

Date Reviewed:  17.05.2019


What is the minimum acceptable age at commencement when applying for Zurich Life Protection?

The minimum age at the start date is 16 years of age.


What is the maximum age attained at the commencement of insured for Zurich Life Protection?

The maximum age a life policy can start is 83 years of age.


What is the minimum policy term for Zurich Life Protection?

The minimum term is 1 year


What is the minimum sum assured for Zurich Life Protection?

The minimum sum assured £1000.


What is the maximum sum assured for life cover only and where accelerated CIC is included for Zurich Life Protection?

The maximum sum assured is £40,000,000 for life cover only.


Is there an additional critical illness cover for Zurich Life Protection?



What is the minimum acceptable monthly premium for Zurich Life Protection?

The minimum premium is £5.00 per month.


What are the additional benefits with Zurich Life Protection?

Fracture Cover – Multi-fracture cover

You can choose this option if you have chosen life cover or life cover and critical illness.

You can only include this benefit if you don't already have it on any other policy with Zurich. If the policy is a joint policy, this option can be taken out for both of you or just for one of you.


If you choose a multi-fracture cover

If you fracture a bone, dislocate a joint, rupture a tendon or tear a ligament, included in our list of injuries in Appendix 2.


When we accept your claim

We'll pay a lump sum of £2,000, £4,000 or £6,000 depending on the location of the fracture, dislocation, rupture or tear. See Appendix 2 for the full list of what we cover and how much we will pay.

You can claim for more than one injury as part of a single claim and there's no limit to the number of claims you can make during the term of the policy.

The maximum amount we will pay out for each person that is covered in any policy year is £6,000.

If you make a claim under this benefit it will not affect the other benefits under your policy.


Special conditions

We will not pay a claim for multi-fracture cover if:

  • the fracture is classified as fatigue, hairline, stress, avulsion, chip, or microfracture.
  • the injury occurs as a result of osteoporosis
  • the injury is self-inflicted
  • the injury occurs as a result of a cosmetic surgical procedure
  • you don't tell us about the claim within six months of injury
  • you're living abroad and don't get a diagnosis in one of the countries we accept (see section 16 for details)
  • the injury occurred before you took out the benefit.

If you make a claim for multi-fracture cover we'll ask you for copies of medical evidence from a doctor or surgeon confirming full details of the fracture or injury. We reserve the right to obtain radiological imaging or other objective evidence to confirm the claim.


We also won't pay if the injury occurs while taking part in BMX biking, boxing, Gaelic football, horse riding, hurling, martial arts or cage fighting, motor car or motor cycle sport, mountain biking, rugby or shinty.


Appendix 2 Multi-fracture cover

We will pay the amount specified below for each fracture, dislocation, rupture or tear, subject to the annual limit of £6,000 per policy year. All the bones listed are included in our cover.


Type of injury


The specified fractures are covered unless the fracture is classified as avulsion, fatigue, stress, hairline, chip, or microfracture.


Donor CoverNo

Other benefitsNo

Sum assured in instalments - No

Large case discount availableA Large case discount is assessed on a case by case basis


What is the total number of critical illnesses conditions covered by Zurich Life Protection?

There are 47 critical illness conditions covered.


What are the exclusions applicable to critical illness cover with Zurich Life Protection? 

There is 2 exclusion for critical illness cover. The drug abuse exclusion is limited to a specified number of conditions.

Alcohol/drug abuse

  • HIV infection resulting from any other means, including sexual activity or drug misuse.

Living abroad

  • you are living abroad and don't get a diagnosis in one of the countries we accept


Would I be excluded from Zurich Life Protection if

  1. I worked in armed force - No
  2. Had a pre-existing conditionNo 


Are there Virtual GP Services for Zurich Life Protection?



Are there any claims support services for Zurich Life Protection?

Zurich Support Service

What is Zurich Support Service?

  • Free and confidential health and wellbeing service
  • Impartial help and support on a wide range of issues
  • An independent service provided by our partners Workplace Options
  • Up to six sessions of professional counselling
  • Not just available at claims stage you can use this throughout the lifetime of your policy
  • Available to you and your family with no limit on queries or issues

Daily living

  • Referrals to specialist organisations and services
  • Saves you time and legwork
  • Examples of daily living support include property search, household help, sports clubs search, research for social events

Family caring

Childcare support and referrals

  • Information, resources, and support from pre-conception or adoption, right through to children leaving the nest including information on education, local schools and support on teenager issues
  • Tailored searches to identify available childcare vacancies

Eldercare support and referrals

  • Support on health conditions such as strokes, dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Information on a wide range of issues including benefits, community care and in home support aids
  • Tailored searches for elder care accommodation and community resources

Career coaching

  • One hour session with a qualified coach by telephone appointment
  • Area of focus dependent on you
  • CV help, interview technique and confidence building

Debt and money management

  • Debt information pack
  • Income and expenditure assessment
  • Appropriate and realistic action planning
  • Negotiations with creditors to reduce or freeze payments
  • Support with IVAs, bankruptcy, default notices or CCJs

Legal information

  • Information provided by trained specialists to help you make informed decisions
  • Research undertaken to answer a particular question or search request
  • Examples include relationship and family matters, problems at work, property/real estate, consumer rights


  • Access to short-term counselling (up to 6 sessions)
  • Provided by fully qualified and experienced counsellors (BACP, UKCP)
  • A suitable counsellor will be appointed within 2 working days of initial assessment
  • Appointment available within 5 working days of contact with counsellor
  • Counselling takes place in counsellor rooms within 25 miles of given address
  • Referrals to long-term support if needed beyond the 6 sessions

Accessing Zurich Support Services

Freephone helpline: 0800 326 5061

(available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)


To find out more about Zurich and our other Life insurance providers call us today on 0800 862 0373 or get a quote now

* Information about the Zurich Life Protection product is provided by Defaqto and is correct as of the review date stated

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