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Assura Protect Term Life

Date Reviewed: 22.05.2019

What are the minimum and maximum acceptable age at commencement when applying for Assura Protect Term Life?

We will cover you under this policy if you and/or any family members:

  • permanently reside in the United Kingdom; and
  • you are aged between 18 and 61 at the start date, and your family members are between the age of 1 year and 61 at the start date.


What is the minimum policy term for Assura Protect Term Life?

This policy lasts for a period of 12 months from the start date and is reviewable annually. If you keep the policy for 5 years we guarantee we will not change the premium in that period, unless you make any alterations to the policy. For any review after the first five years, Assura Protect may change the premium. Additionally, Assura Protect may change the conditions of your cover at any time, though generally this is only done at the annual review, and If they do, they will explain any changes we have made.
All cover will end when:

  • you die;
  • your policy is due for renewal after you reach the age of 68;
  • you stop permanently residing in the UK;
  • you or we cancel this policy as shown in Section 5; or
  • you stop paying your premium or your outstanding premium, whichever is earlier.


What is the minimum sum assured for Assura Protect Term Life?

Not applicable.


What is the maximum sum assured for life cover only and where accelerated CIC is included for Assura Protect Term Life?

Assura Protect will pay the lump sum benefit as set out in your Schedule of Insurance up to a maximum of £100,000 upon your death depending on your age at your next birthday at the beginning of the contract period. If you are over 55 then they will only pay up to a maximum lump sum benefit of £50,000.
The sum assured will only be paid once.

A benefit of £5,000 is payable in the event of a death of a child(ren) if included under this plan, up to a maximum of 4 children.


Is there an additional critical illness cover for Assura Protect Term Life?

Not available as this plan is life cover only.


What is the minimum acceptable monthly premium for Assura Protect Term Life?

Not specified.


What are the additional benefits with Assura Protect Term Life?

Fracture Cover – Not applicable

Donor Cover - no

Other benefits - Benefits in relation to children - no

Sum assured in instalments - no

Large case discount available - no


What is the total number of critical illnesses conditions covered by Assura Protect Term Life?


What are the exclusions applicable to critical illness cover with Assura Protect Term Life?

Not applicable


Would I be excluded from Assura Protect Term Life if

I worked in armed force - No

I had a pre-existing condition - Assura Protect will not pay for any pre-existing medical condition. This exclusion will not apply if you remain symptom-free and do not seek treatment or medical advice for a continuous period of 24 months.


Are there Virtual GP Services for Assura Protect Term Life?



Are there any claims support services for Assura Protect Term Life?



What can you get in terms of Health & wellbeing services with Assura Protect Term Life?



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* Information about Assura Protect Term Life product is provided by Defaqto and is correct as of the review date stated

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