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30/07/2014Running five minutes a day could prolong your life
Running for as little five minutes a day can extend life by three years and reduce the risk of premature death by one-third, according to a new study. Walking and running have many health benefits The...
10/06/2014Tomato pill to prevent heart disease
A ‘tomato pill’ could be used to stop people developing heart disease, according to a study by UK scientists. Tomatoes have many health benefits The study focused on using the tomato pill,...
05/06/2014Stress hormones in tastes buds may explain emotional eating
Stress hormone receptors in tastes buds are the scientific link causing us to eat sugary foods to make us feel better, researchers claim. Stressed people may reach for chocolate When stressed, people...
03/06/2014Skin cancer treatment trials show 'striking results'
Advanced skin cancer treatments have shown ‘exciting and striking’ results in two international trials. Drug trials have shown improved survival rates The trials were presented at the...
13/05/2014One in five people may suffer Vitamin D deficiency
One in five Britons could be affected by a Vitamin D deficiency according to the NHS who has recommended that supplements should be offered out more freely. Vitamin D has been dubbed the "sunshine...
06/05/2014Vitamin E may prevent brain damage from stroke
Vitamin E could help reduce or even prevent brain damage being caused during a stroke, according to a new study. Nuts are a good source of vitamin E The process involves improving the supply of blood...
29/04/2014Half of cancer patients will live more than a decade
An estimated 50% of all cancer sufferers in England and Wales now survive the illness for at least a decade, statistics reveal. Better treatment is helping cancer patients live longer The rate of...
23/04/2014NHS set to reject expensive new cancer drug Kadcyla
The NHS is set to reject the use of the pioneering new breast cancer drug trastuzumab emtansine because the £90,000 cost is unjustifiable. The cost of Kadcyla is deemed too much The National...
10/04/2014Drinking green tea improves working memory
Drinking green tea can enhance the ability of our brains' cognitive functions especially on the working memory, Swiss scientists suggest. Green tea has many health benefits Green tea has been linked...
24/03/2014Dark chocolate turns 'healthy' in the stomach
Dark chocolate ferments in the stomach and turns into useful anti-inflammatory compounds good for the heart, scientists claim. Chocolate can be high in sugar and fat A research team from the Louisiana...
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